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Published On: Sun, May 1st, 2022

A Deep Look On David Edevbie

LAGOS MAY 1ST (URHOBOTODAY)-As ants scamper frantically towards crumbs of sugar laid bare, so does an enthusiastic journalist rush towards a ground-breaking story. Moreso, when such story embodies some of the numerous positive and glorious traits of humanity. Hear! hear! Although we live in a selfish world, there are people who have dedicated their lives to the service of humanity, transcending every race or tribal connections to leave indelible marks in the lives of many. Proving again and again that despite the apparent opposite, the human heart is capable of so much good.

“Do Davids of today still kill lions for their sheep?” a rather sarcastic question thrown at my friend Onoriode, who had earlier, with all conviction declared to me “Allison , I have seen our new Governor and his name is David,” I still wonder what was more captivating, the boldness with which he made this declaration or the answer to my sarcasm? “Come and see”, held by hand to see for myself, right there was my eureka moment. I knew I had stumbled on one of such ground-breaking and revealing stories.

As I promised in my last publication, I am excited to share our findings and experiences like the 12 spies marching into Cannan, albeit incognito. With high hopes of bringing back a good report. I and my two friends, Mr. Roland Ogbonnaya, Former Daily Deputy Editor of Thisday Newspaper and Currently Saturday Deputy Editor of Daily Independent Newspaper and Mr. Amos Oweifighe, News Editor at Radio Nigeria- Creek FM, embarked on an exciting and quite revealing investigative journey of the wondrous impacts of David Edevbie that was hardly spoken about. It is very rare to see a man that has traversed the corridors of leadership and politics for so long and is still being spoken about glowingly by the high and low of the society. Moving from Asaba to Abuja and a few other places gathering facts and experience of real life occurrences for over a month, left me more than convinced that my good friend Onoriode was spot on with his earlier declaration.

Landing in Asaba the stage was set and our minds prepared for the task ahead. So where do we start from? “As a past Commissioner of Finance, I am sure people in the Ministry would have a lot to say about this David and the lions he killed for his sheep” said Mr. Roland Ogbonaya. First point of call, Ministry of Finance. We met civil servants still in service whose names of course will not be mentioned (For Security Reasons) and who surprisingly despite speaking with strangers, spoke freely about David Edevbie and the impact he made while he was with them. I presume this is because good things cannot be hidden neither can testimonies be shut from the light by the feeble force of closed lips.

One worker went as far declaring that Mr David Edevbie was an unusual boss one that favors encouragement over and above criticism. He Described David Edevbie as a Man who has brought a lot of innovation to the Ministry with Modern Technology. The cherry on the cake for this part of our inquest was when we stumbled upon a couple of retired civil servants of the same Ministry present on some personal engagements. This was golden, we didn’t waste time to engage Mr  Ifeanyi Ebido who had offered long term service and retired honourably. He immediately cited a particular incident when he was talking casually albeit excitedly about his birthday with colleagues outside the complex, coincidentally the former Commissioner was coming in. Of course after respectful pleasantries was thrown his way, Ebido said he was amazed at how the boss himself weighed in to wish him a happy birthday and blessed him with “something that made me smile” in Mr Ebido’s words exactly.


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