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Published On: Tue, May 26th, 2020

The But In Africa Must End Today For A Greater And Better Tomorrow

By Malcolm Omirhobo
LAGOS MAY 26TH (URHOBOTODAY)-As an African, a Pan Africanist for that matter , celebrating Africa’s liberation day with my fellow African brothers and sisters both here at home in Africa and in Diaspora together with our well wishers all over the World, sitting in my small corner and in my quite and sober time I begin to wonder where did we go wrong as a people?
How did Africa allow herself to be overtaken by others and gapped so that Africa now finds herself in a tight corner and sorry state .As I pondered further , I ask myself why the so many buts about Africa ?
Africa , the father of all human race but the least rated .
Africa , the strongest race amongst all mankind but the weakest and most vulnerable amongst them .
Africa epitome Light , Beauty , Goodness, Kindness , civility , Godliness but depict as darkness , ugly, bad , evil , savage and as the devil himself .
Africa, hospitable and welcoming but not welcome in other lands .
Africa, very generous and willing to share her God’s given natural resources with others but gets little or nothing in return.
Africa who gives out her daughters and women to others for marriage or for pleasure but without reciprocation from others .
Africa , upon whose back , sweat and blood the wealth and prosperity of other nations were built but without pay or reward .
Africa , whose people were sold as Slaves for centuries to all parts of the world but without any appreciation, recompensation or reparation .
Africa , victims of genocide by others who killed , slaughtered and gruesomely murdered them but no justice for them .
Africa who sell her vast land to the Chinese for peanuts but cannot buy a one room.apartment in China .
Africa who first explored and navigated the world but are the ones now being discovered by others.
Africa the craddle of civilization but crave for the civilization of others .
Africa who once conquered and ruled over others but is now the one that has been colonised and victims of neocolonialism and imperialism.
Africa , the land of proud Kings , Queens , Prince and Princess with integrity and dignity but now the land of dehumanised , humiliated. debased and broken people
Africa the owner of the first university in the world but have lost the lead.
Africa the fountain and Mecca of knowledge but now deserted and lacks knowledge .
Africa the back bone of science and technology but abandoned them for those of others .
Africa the richest in cultural heritage , history , traditions and religion but have dumped them for those of others .
Africa the rich land flowing with milk and honey but the homeland of squalor and poverty .
Africa , the land blessed with fertile hand that can feed the whole world but now a land ravaged by famine, draught and hunger .
Africa with the greatest comparative trade advantage but fails to take advantage of it .
Africa the home of plenty but lacks plenty .
Africa with so much wealth to loan and aid others but is the one that is being loaned and aided .
Africa once the home of peace , love and tranquility but now the hot bed of war , hatred, jealousy and destabilization.
Africa the land with the best climate , weather and vegetation but fail to take advantage of it .
Africa the land free of natural disasters but full of human disaster and catastrophe.
Africa the land blessed with unimaginable natural resource but canmot explore or tap them and would rather allow others do it for them and return the finished products to her at extranomical prices .
Africa very rich but with leaders by far richer than her people.
Africa will bank her money in foreign land and in foreign currency but refuse to bank in her own land .
My African brothers and sisters I ask how long shall we continue to be at the receiving end ?
How long shall we be pitied by others for no reason.or cause
How long are we going to be insulting ourselves by receiving foreign aids and loans when we don’t need them ?
How long shall we be disgracing ourselves by begging others for loan forgiveness ?
How long shall we be playing the role of the victim ?
How long shall we continue to sell and betray ourselves to others for smear porridge ?
How long shall we continue to sell the slot of our unborn generations by mortgaging their inheritance and future to others ?
How long shall we slumber?
My African brothers and sisters it is high time and about time for us to wake up . Oh yes wake up to the reality on ground and to the realization that it is only we that can free ourselves from mental slavery and free ourselves from the chains and shackles of neo colonialism and imperialism .
My African brothers and sisters it is high time and about time that we must discover our self-worth , respect and dignity .
It is high time and about time that we stop the pity party , roll up our sleeve and get to work .
As we celebrate our liberation today I say with high hopes that it is high time and about time for us to love one another , come together as one , work
together to build a bigger , stronger and united Africa ,
for us all and our unborn generations to come .
Long live Africa .

By Chief Malcolm Emokiniovo Omirhobo A Pan Africanist . 25/5/2020 Africa Liberation day celebration.

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