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Published On: Tue, May 19th, 2020

JSS 1 Student Invents Torch Light With Local Material, Appeal To Govt For Assistant

The young boy with his produced torch light in his hands.

By Young Erhiurhoro
LAGOS MAY 19TH (URHOBOTODAY)-A thirteen year old boy, Young Oghenemine Divine who is in JSS 1 at Unenurhie Secondary School, Unenurhie, Ughelli North LGA of Delta state has recently produced a local torch light with local materials.
Speaking to Urhobotoday.com correspondent on the scientific and technological achievement in their home at Unenurhie town, the little boy who was beaming with smiles said, “My interest is in the Sciences, even right from my primary school. I always tell my father that I want to become an engineer and also to join the Nigerian Army. This is my dream. I want my parents to support me to achieve this dream by providing my educational needs. This torch you are seeing, I produced it with local materials like batteries, broken plastic plates and off cut wires that were thrown into the dust bin in our house. I gathered them to produce this torch light. We use it in our room and we also use it to read our books in the night especially when there is power failure. This is not the first one I have produced. I want our governor to support me.”
“However, we are facing a lot of challenges in our school. Many of these challenges are disturbing us from going far in our school. One of such challenges is lack of science equipment. Without a well equipped laboratories and other science equipment, it’s very difficult for students to do well in the science subjects. At least, in our Basic Science as a subject, we should both do the theory and the practical to have a balance knowledge. The Delta state government should give us science equipment. Secondly, we need science teachers. Many of us would be discouraged from having interest in the Sciences if there are no science teachers to teach the subjects. Another challenge we are facing in the school too is the challenge of insecurity. We beg the commissioner for basic and secondary education to fence our school to protect us and our teachers. It’s also a way for government to secure the school land from encroachment. Finally, I want the government to put me in better school to enable me pursue this dream to a successful end.”
Also speaking, the mother to the young inventor, Mrs. Ruth Young said this of her son, “This boy is my son and in most times, he always move around especially in dust bins to pick condemned things like wires and broken plastics and batteries. Their room is packed full with such materials. I’m always annoyed with him for bringing condemned things to the house. But his father told me not to be annoyed or be shouting on him every time. So, I’m surprised when he started using those dirty things to produce torch light. At least, I have benefited from his work. My message to the government is that, my son should be given scholarship to encourage him in this area he wants to follow. I didn’t go far in school. This is why I want my children to be the best in their schools. Government should locate him now and put him in a better school. This is what foreign countries do to their best children to grow. Our government and big people should do the same to my son.”

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