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Published On: Mon, Feb 17th, 2020

Alibaba Pays Thank You Visit To ‘Mama Boli’ Who Fed Him As Poor Young Graduate

LAGOS FEBRUARY 17TH (URHOBOTODAY)-The King of comedy is not the type to forget good deeds especially those who received him when he had nothing and was just a young graduate.
One of such kind gestures came from a woman who sells roasted palntain he identified simply as ‘Mama boli’ and he is taking time to praise her on Instagram 30 years after.

He wrote, “MamaBoli… angel on earth. In 1990… when the comedy space was full of void and devoid of hope, I frequented the #USIS library and #British Council library.
“USIS became a more resourceful place to build my comedy career. Thanks to #AuntieMarie, who was intrigued by how regular I was in the library. And she made sure I was issued a library card few days later.
“The humour, I found in many books at the #BritishCouncil were rather too French for me. Anyway, this post is not about the two libraries. It’s about the wonderful woman, in this picture… #MamaBoli. Never got to know her name. Called her Mama for over 30yrs now.
“So, after being a bookworm, at #USIS, I would come to CMS and comb through all the second hand books in the area, all the way to Tinubu Square.
“On arrival, I would book lunch with Mama. Lunch being, boli and groundnut. After like 2 weeks of the same order, Mama interrogated me.
“She wanted to know what I do with the books and why liked books so much. I told her I just graduated and didnt want to go for NYSC… blah blah blah.
“When I arrived the next day, she told the customers to wait and took me to one #iyaAmala. “Alhaja, Whenever this young man comes here, give him food and come collect the money from me.
“This went for a very long time… before I decided to go serve in Abuja. That was my 0-1-0 location for a loooooong time. And I remember sometimes, back then, she will give me cash or boli… _
“I celebrate her today because for a long time, as often as I would go show her gratitude, she would make it look like she was undeserving. So, please, whenever you see #MamaBoli selling boli, help me say “Thank you for Ali Baba”. She didn’t have to, but she did.”

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