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Published On: Mon, Aug 19th, 2019

Okere- Urhobo Leaders To Okowa: HRM Okpeki 11 Is Authentic King Of Okere- Urhobo Kingdom

By Ese Adagbra.
LAGOS AUGUST 19TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Leaders of Okere Urhobo Kingdom Warri have stated their position clear that there is no going back on HRH Barrister Christopher Okumagba Okpeki 11 as the Oroseun (King) of the Kingdom since he “Is still the rightful and lawfully selected and appointed Oroseun (King) of Okere Urhobo Kingdom whose process was submitted to the Delta State Government since September 2017 and still pending with the Government”
They therefore argued that since five of the Nine Kingmakers spread across the three Ruling Houses of Idama Sohworubve and Owhotemu participated in his selection and appointment process which had the blessing of the Okpako Orere ( Oldest man) of the Kingdom as laid down by the Native Law and Custom of Okere Urhobo Kingdom” We urge the Delta State Government to properly look into the said process and grant staff of Office to His Royal Highness Barrister Christopher Okumagba as Okpeki 11″
They therefore advised Senator Dr, Ifeanyi Okowa Governor of Delta State to handle the Oroseunship ( Kingship) of the Kingdom with utmost care by avoiding those who are not legally related to the matter.
Rather, according to them, this time around he should follow due process as laid down by the Custom and Tradition of the Kingdom.
The Leaders warned that, the Governor and Government of Delta State should be ” weary” of the activities of Chief Wilson O Eboh who is parading himself as the Regent of the Kingdom since according to them the Title Regent is “Alien” to the Kingdom so also the title of ” Statutory Kingmakers” As well.
In a Letter sent to His Execellency, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa Governor of Delta State signed by Apostle Isaac.M.Eraivor, The Okpako Orere( Oldest man) of Okere Urhobo Kingdom and Head Of The Three Ruling Houses of Idama Sohworubve and Owhotemu and PA Churchill.O.Oki ( JP) for Sohworubve Ruling House for and on behalf of Okere Urhobo Kingdom , expressed bitterness over what they described as the ” wrongful” presentation of staff of Office to Professor Paul Okumagba” whose appointment process was rift with several irregularities” as against” HRH, Barrister Christopher Okumagba,Okpeki 11, whose selection process was in accordance with the Native Law and Custom of Okere Urhobo Kingdom with the participation of the joint three Ruling Houses”
Justifying their call on the Governor to reprimand Chief Wilson Eboh by calling him to order the Leaders went into memory lane and explained that the” Wrongful” presentation of staff of Office to Professor Paul Okumagba was championed by him and at the same time ” He is at it again by trying to mislead the Delta State Officials and members of the general public” Tthrough the media by claiming that he is the ” Regent” of the Kingdom so that he and his cohorts can install a new Oroseun by October 2019 without the participation of the Okpako Orere and the Heads of the three Ruling Houses who are the rightful and legitimate people to select,appoint and crown a new Oroseun.
The Leaders while calling on Governor Okowa not close his eyes against the many alleged atrocities committed by Chief Wilson Eboh against the Kingdom as not only asserting himself as a ” Regent” He personally selected ” Four Selected Kingmakers all from one Ruling House of Idama as Statutory Kingmakers” While challenging him to prove the law that gave him such power.He was also allegedl to have breached the mandatory three months mourning period for Royal Monarch ” Without regard to the Tradition of our kingdom made public the passing on of PROF PAUL OKUMAGBA”
They concluded by stressing that the wrongful presentation of staff of Office to Professor Paul Okumagba has led to instituting a lot of cases pending in the courts.More worrisome according to them is the threat by Chief Wilson Eboh to commence the installation of a new Oroseun ( King) by October 2019 without the” consent and approval”Of the Heads of the three Ruling Houses.”
They therefore draw the attention of Governor Okowa to the fact that Chief Eboh actions are subjudice as a result of cases in courts relating to the Oroseunship which may likely cause fracas and breach of the fragile peace not only in the Kingdom but in the entire Warri and it’s environs.
It will be recalled that His Royal Highness Barrister Christopher Okumagba was selected and appointed as Okpeki 11 of Okere Urhobo Kingdom by five of the Nine Kingmakers spread across the three Ruling Houses of Idama Sohworubve and Owhotemu with the blessing and backing of the Okpako Orere since September 2017. The process was submitted to the Delta State Government and still pending in Asaba.

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  1. The okumagbas are not the only members of the community it is very wrong for another okumagba to want to declear okumagba christoper as the oruosen in waitng
    in christopher okumagba normination no oracle was consulted just like the late paul okumagba. you cannot choose a king with your naked eyes otherwise this new king will die in the same way.your selection of christoper okumagba as the new oruoswn was doctored as no oracle was consulted,hear me now christopher okumagba is not the right choice . lets consult the oracle. otherwise death awaits him

  2. I think okumagba families are taking too much for granted.calling on the delta state government to give staff of office and recognition to another okumagba will not be in the best interest of the people of okere urhobo kingdom.This is the number four okumagba coming on stage in succession,In my life i have never such a greedy people. The family consist of three families of olodi, oki and ighogbadu. all the oruosun that have mounted the throne in succession are from the olodi house,meanwhile loodi has other childern like ojabugbe, karien omosokwofa etc ighobgadu has obire iyara, eyekpimi okoh has childern ogden,idisi etc.CHEIF Daniel E okumagba is to blame because while he acted as the families secretary for 44 years he empowered only the okumagbas by not only given themselves (the okumagbas)plots of land but actually use the families monoies to build for them, for example chief B,okumagba oruosun okumagba the | has more than a hunderd and eight plots of land scattered round the layout. there is the idama hotels, there is idama farms and idama limited and in every juction in the layout he has one side and the other side for late daniel okumaba himself to mention but a few emebirien juction where they produce carofy which is The benevolence and power they have and enjoy today.The government must be seen to part of the problem by recognising anybody bearing okumagba or whatever nomeclature from olodi house.This time the chioce and selection must come from the ighogbadu whhom must have been picked by the oracle.we know and heared how mr briete and their otota chief wilson Eboh try to alter some of the document that lead to his arrest at abuja and almost lost his job if not for magnimity of his excellency the deputy Governor, please dont be a victim of the ancenstors just like proffesor paul okumagba idama || did

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