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Published On: Sun, Dec 2nd, 2018

2019: The Candidates Urhobo Deserve

By Hon. Don Efeme Mayar. ….
LAGOS DECEMBER 2ND (URHOBOTODAY)-The Combination of Ben from Benin and Del from Delta gave birth to Ben-del (Bendel State). However that Name was dismantled on the 27th Day of August 1991 when Delta State was created as a free State for Deltans Comprising of the Urhobos, Ijaws (Izon), Isokos, Itsekiries, Ukwuanis (Aboh) and the Anionmas (Asaba Igbo Division).
With Asaba as her capital city Delta State has an area landmark of sixteen thousand, eight hundred and forty two (16, 842) square ilometer and a population of four million, one hundred and twelve thousand, four hundred and forty five people ( 4, 112, 445). The state is divided into three senatorial zones namely the North, Central and South Senatorial Zones.
The Central Senatorial Zone is the highest populated zone with an estimated population of One Million, Five Hundred and Seventy Five Thousand, Seven Hundred and Thirty Eight People (1, 575, 738) and it is divided into eight (8) local governments area namely: Uvwie, Okpe, Sapele, Udu, Ethiope East and North then Ughelli North and South. This Zone play host to the Urhobo speaking people with twenty four (24) kingdoms and twenty four (24) kings. This Zone is known as the Urhobo Nation, a very unique and super relevant zone with super natural political structure in the State.
The Central Zone Or the Urhobo Nation some years ago incorporated and endorsed the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) as her Watch Dog and Mouth Piece to foster the Spirit of love, mutual understanding, brotherhood, and to encourage the growth of education at all levels not forgetting also to secure cooperation between the Urhobo people and government has it is clearly stated in Article 11 No.(1), (2) and (4) of the UPU National Constitution. The President–General of the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) by virtue of the superiority of his office administer precedence of all President of UPU at National, Zonal and Branch Headquarters given regards also to the Urhobo Nation Kings. One thing I understand about leadership, it is about visions then Actions for mission to be accomplished.
In the Light of the above understanding, the agitations of the Urhobo-under current personalities prompted me to submit my petition to the UPU President–General, Our Urhobo great Kings and Chiefs, Elder Statemen and women, students and youths to remind you of our prerogative as a Nation in Urhobo blood and tongue that we must acknowledge the unpolluted truth that it is time to pull down all political window dressings obviously designed and arranged by greedy Urhobo politicians to down play the integrity and moral plan of our great Urhobo Nation because if we don’t, then one more little bite will dangerously aggravate the anger of our Urhobo youths and middle class people including women and children who believd that the future of our next Urhobo generation should be potentially protected at all cost and should not be toyed with.
The Urhobo Nation is yet to read for our perusal and understanding any soft copy action plans formulated by any of the Senatorial and House of Representative Candidates representing our Urhobo Nation yet we read in news papers and social media that they are the voice of the Urhobo Nation.
Some of their media aides claimed that the Victory of their Principal in the just Concluded primary elections is for the interest of the Urhobo Nation. Let me ask you this? Is it justified in your conscience to claim that you shave the head of a man you haven’t even seen or touched his hair? Where is it in the conscience of any patriotic Urhobo Man or Woman to declare that a Presidential, Governorship, Senatorial and Federal House of Assembly candidate love Urhobo Nation when he hasn’t even come to address the Urhobo Nation in the presence of our Great Urhobo Kings? President-General of the UPU, Youth President of UPU,, High Chiefs and Leaders, students and children of Urhobo Nation?
The Urhobo Nation needs to know the blue print developmental programs of all Candidates has for our Urhobo Nation. If any candidate sincerely love and respect us for who and what we are then that candidate should be able to come and let us know his plans for our land and people and not the other way round. We as a Nation under the Urhobo symbol should support that candidate who we trust will protect and project the interest of our Urhobo Nation owing to the understanding creed of our primary objective before any secondary objectivity can be addressed. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. The Urhobo Nation has a lot of beautiful dreams so we should only support that candidate who we believe can interpret our dreams to showcase it’s reality.
Our Urhobo Nation has suffered a lot from un-connected and un-committed representation in the past and this has negatively affects our land and people. If the Isoko National Unity Hall was recently commissioned by the State Governor then Our Urhobo General House can also be Commissioned by the State and Federal Government. We need that candidate who will help to re-echo the commitment of our pain in every corners, walls and boundaries in our country and state as free citizens.
Since our Leaders have decided to be listening only to the sweet music playing in their eardrums, we need that leader who will encourage our mothers businesses and empower our women and children. We need the Leader who will not only stop the killing of our people in Aladja, but also stop the illegal acquiring of Urhobo Lands by Government and other Communities. We need that Leader who will create an office with an open telephone line to our Urhobo Students Representative and our Urhobo Youth Representative because they represent the symbol and future of our Urhobo Nation. Remember that the strength of any nation is determined by the numbers of hard working youths and students in that Nation. So it is a shame to think of how to always enrich ourselves given no regards to the future of our youths and children. We need those candidates who will encourage and promote our call for a State Government Sponsored Urhobo Student Scholarships.
Our ranking in the State is high so our expectations should not be less. We are great people of a blessed Urhobo Nation but some myopic politicians has reduced us to pave ways for their illicit and selfish agenda. We must be the charger of our future. That is where our destiny and that of our children lies, Remember ” The House That is Divided Against Itself Can Never Stand ”
My Great Urhobo Nation, Let’s evaluate the candidates transparently and have a voice so that when we speak with the power of our votes as our voice, then it should not be based on sentiments but rather it Should be confidently and proudly based on….MERIT…..
Long Live Our Urhobo Nation,
Long Live Our 24 Urhobo Kings,
Long Live Our 24 Urhobo kingdoms,
Long Live The Urhobo Progress Union World wide. (Upu).

Hon. Don Efeme Mayar is the President UPU in -Asia

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