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Published On: Sat, Oct 13th, 2018

2019: Nobody Can Stop Great Ogboru

Chief Great Ogboru

By Barr. Mary Agbajoh
LAGOS OCTOBER 13TH (URHOBOTODAY)-The landslide victory recorded by Chief Great Ogboru in Delta State All Progressive Congress (APC) governorship primary held recently at the College of Education (Technical) Asaba, Delta State, is evident that the ‘Peoples General’ is on ground, moving stronger and it seems nobody can stop him in achieving his goal of becoming Delta State governor in 2019.
In the primary election, Ogboru polled a total of 3,292 votes to defeat his closest rival, Victor Ochei, who scored 160. His performance in the election which was adjudged peaceful, free and fair revealed the lingering love and trust the people of Delta State has on Ogboru ability to lead them to the land full with milk and honey.
For long, Deltans have place trust and hope on Ogboru because he is a dedicated and committed leader who want to see that the people of Delta State are delivered from this current state of poverty situation . He has the structure and has been winning all the elections that he contested, but unfortunately the extra dynamic power needed to see victory for him was always lacking. If the coming elections were contested under peaceful, free and fair atmosphere as evident in the concluded Delta Governorship primary election, no one will be able to stop Ogboru from not becoming Delta State governor in 2019.
Taking into cognizance that Ogboru’s consistency in seeking the office of the governorship of Delta State without giving up revealed that he has something to offer to his people and nobody will prevent him from achieving his lifelong ambition.
His deprivations of deserved success at the poll would have had a deterrent effect, especially if we call to mind that veritable fortunes expended on elections in this country. But not for lion-hearted men like Ogboru, who look on obstacles as springboards to success and adversities as precursors of prosperity and one ready and willing to pay the price for greatness.
Buhari is seen today as a role model on the principle of consistency, and he also share that with Chief Great Ogboru. If Buhari had given up, he wouldn’t have been the President of Nigeria today. Ogboru needs to be supported, such a person needs to be encouraged for the fact that he has been able to create a BRAND for himself and also create a formidable opposition for any sitting governor.
Ogboru is somebody that has been contesting elections and going into his sixth election. He must have built a very strong structure, if not, you cannot see such heavy crowd in all of his rallies in most places. This is evedent that the structure to wrestle an incumbent government is there already.
Couple with his structure, Ogboru is a Pan Deltan and generally accepted across Delta State as his father is from Delta Central, mother from Delta North, while his Spouse Delta South. With such paternal and maternal relationships created across Delta State, his acceptability as Delta State Governor come 2019 is not in doubt.
As an international businessman, he has an investment drive policy whom we strongly believe will drive the state’s economy into Eldorado. Delta will witness industrialization with its mineral resources if Ogboru eventually emerges as the governor of the state. The state needs a leader that has focus and inspiration for economic drive, and infrastructural development. And that leader is Ogboru.
The party’s National Working Committee (NWC) and state exco, should know that Ogboru remains the only credible person to unseat the incumbent governor come 2019. His candidature will also guarantee President Muhammadu Buhari smooth sail in Delta and the entire party generally.
The beauty of Ogboru emerging APC Delta State governorship candidate is that somebody with the fortitude, the doggedness and ruggedness to challenge an incumbent government in the way that can create competition in a democratic platform has come to rescue the people of the state..
As it stands right now, Chief Great Ogboru is the most influential candidate in Delta state. He is the only person that has won elections in this state. But because of politics, he has always been denied the opportunity to be the governor of the state. In the last election, he is the only opposition candidate that was able to score over 300,000 votes closest to PDP.
Note that majority of Deltans are already rooting for Ogboru, wanting him to walk his talk of improving the lot of the state by ensuring that he gets the mandate. Besides and perhaps more importantly, if the people subscribe to the idea that he had contested several times, he deserves victory.
What is even more remarkable, Delta State is reputed to be an investment and industrial virgin awaiting the magic touch of the proverbial prince. Who is better to take up the reins of governance in the state other than a hard-headed business mogul renowned for bravery and philanthropy? Whose mystique precedes him and turns heads where ever he goes.
Barr Mary Agbajoh is a Lawyer, Social Commentator and Political Strategist

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