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Published On: Wed, Aug 15th, 2018

Orogun Indigenes Reject Osawota’s Kangaroo PDP Primary, Condemn Style Of Leadership

Chief (Barr) A.K. Asawota

LAGOS AUGUST 15TH (URHOBOTODAY)-The people of Orogun in Ughelli North LGA and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) loyalists in the community has rejected Chief (Barr.) A.K Osawota’s kangaroo primary election for Orogun PDP house of assembly aspirants. They equally condemned Osawota style of leadership in the community.
The protesters raised the alarm on the disqualification of Deacon Innocent Iyede, Com. Sylvester Ovbije and Onovughe Benson for challenging the skewed primary election.
Deacon Innocent Iyede who was disqualified over his refusal of being a party to the said primary on the ground that he was not invited by any means of communication, challenged the honesty of the conveners.
He refused to take part in the election because he was not invited, adding it was fixed without the notice of people of the community but selected few and felt it was not well intended.
Iyede explained that he was called by Hon. Mrs Grace Odili to see her at the venue that they were having a meeting, only to be told by Chief Osawota upon his arrival that the primary election for Orogun was about to begin.
Iyede argued that he refused to be part of the kangaroo primary not because he was afraid to loss, but for his non invitation as an aspirant. According tohim, “partaking in such an election means consciously playing into their hands.”
He insisted that he won’t be part of such an election, just as he described it as a plan to get him out of the race by forces who are afraid of him.
“If PDP can roll out a timetable for its aspirants months back, what stops Chief Osawota from giving a pre-notice if he has no ulterior motive?” he queried.
Reacting to the incident, people of Orogun berated Chief Asawota’s urging him to rescind his decision on Deacon Innocent Iyede, Com. Sylvester Ovbije and Benson Onovughe’s disqualification and fix a date for an open primary if he will earn their respect and loyalty, they stated.
The protesters who spoke in utter anger, stressed that, the primary conducted by Chief Osawota holds no water, and described it as inimical to trust in his leadership.
Appealing to the state party leadership to call Osawota to order before he fractionalized the party in the community, they described his action as an expensive risk that would cause major crack in the party, adding that, it is a serious threat to the strength of the party in the community.
Commenting on the ugly situation on behalf of the protesters, Mr Runo Orogunyovwe said, “Certain leaders in Orogun who felt their political interests is at peril in their meeting resolved to present a weak aspirant to slip the chance away from Orogun.”
According to him, the primary election was masterminded to disgrace Deacon Iyede whom they sees as a big threat.
The angry protesters expressed displeasure over the alleged attempt by Chief Osawota and his cohorts to undo other aspirants for their preferred aspirant and decried his desperation.
PDP leaders in Orogun had earlier appealed for a community based primaries in a bid to avoid wastage of fund by aspirants from Orogun and also to have a common course ahead of the September 15th house of assembly PDP house of assembly primary election.
Reacting to the ploy, Iyede maintained that, his disqualification by Chief Barr. A.K Osawota was a serious joke he will address promptly.
Addressing the protesting youths and supporters at his business office in Orogun, Deacon Innocent Iyede said he believes on following due process, just as he disclosed that it is not possible to conduct a primary election without prior information/ invitation of those involved.
It was alleged that Osawota’s decision to suspend all other three aspirants and proclaimed his preferred aspirant, Com. Alex Ovie Iduh Orogun chosen candidate immediately triggered uproar and vote of no confidence in his leadership.
Iyede advised the protesters not to take laws in their hands, but to go about their normal businesses. He maintained that Osawota cannot invite those he wishes to invite to vote out those he wishes to undo as the community was not aware of a primary that should be a community based decision.
While describing PDP as a civilized party, he warned that no one should drag the party’s name to mud especially at a time like this when unity, honesty and sincerity in purpose is needed for the party’s victory.

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