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Published On: Wed, Aug 15th, 2018

P.O.C. Ovbije, Osawota, Itejerhe’s Appetite For Political Appointments Tears Orogun PDP Apart

Chief P.O.C. Ovbije

LAGOS AUGUST 15TH (URHOBOTODAY)-There are major cracks in the People’s Democratic Party’s family in Orogun arising from the desperation of some leaders in the community to muscle out some popular aspirants ahead of the Ughelli north constituency I house of assembly PDP primary election slated for Sept 15th 2018.
Arising from the kangaroo primary election conducted by Chief A.K Osawota and Chief P.O.C Ovbije on Saturday 11th August 2018 in Orogun, majority of members of the party are becoming resentful to the leaders highhandedness and selfishness.
While many are alternatively considering quitting the party due to the leaders high level of political garrulity, some are soliciting for their immediate recall, describing their actions as counter productive to the rationale of the proposed primary election for the community aspirants under PDP.
Before the kangaroo primary election conducted by the said leaders on Saturday 11th August 2018, it was gathered that, Chief Barr. A.K Osawota, Chief P.O.C Ovbije, Mr. Henry Itederen, Magistrate Enakpodia, Hon. Friday Akpoyibo and others had held several meetings to brainwash those to be invited as electorates.
The last meeting which was held in Ughelli a day to the said election, had two Ughelli north constituency 1 house of assembly aspirants, Com. Alex Iduh and Com. Benson Onovughe in attendance where they reached an agreement to produce one of them as Orogun choice in order to slip victory from the community.
Their permutations are that, if an Orogun man emerged winner in the 2019 house of assembly election, chances of appointing people from the community will be very slim and knowing fully well that the two Cash cows won’t go far in the contest, they went into compromise to step down for a target aspirant from the other side in the main primary election with the aim of ceding victory to Ogor or Agbarha.
During the protest against the ill – fated primary election conducted by Chief Osawota and co, Mr. Ikutegbe Harrison, disclosed that, Chief Barr. A.K Osawota and P.O.C Ovbije had expressed worries on the chances of Orogun producing the next house of assembly member and analysed its likely implications on the appointment of others from the area.
According to the source, the said leaders from Orogun were of the fear that if they allow a level playing ground in the primary, Com. Sylvester Ovbije or Deacon Innocent Iyede may likely have the day which they noted will give aspirants from Agbarha and Ogor a keen contest in the party’s main primary election and stated that, should it happened that way, it will be detrimental to their chances of appointments in 2019.
While Chief Osawota and Chief P.O.C promised Com. Alex Ovie Iduh and Benson Onovughe SA’s appointments on their recommendations with an arrangement to play dirty in the Sept 15th PDP house of assembly primary election, the sum of 1.5m naira each was allegedly given to them in appreciation of their understanding.
It was also revealed that, at the end of the meeting predicating the mushroom Orogun PDP primary election, each leaders in attendance were reported to have gone home with the sum of #100,000 and a bottle of wine each for their corporation.
However, another six hundred thousand naira was allegedly given to Benson Onovughe to distribute to targeted list of those to be allowed into the main hall used in the said Orogun PDP primary election.
As disclosed by an insider who was opposed to the said plan by Chief Osawota and P.O.C to shut out Orogun in the 2019 Ughelli north constituency 1 house of assembly equation, said, instead of an open election, Chief Osawota, Chief P.O.C Ovbije, Hon. Friday Akpoyibo, Henry Itederen, Enakpodia including Comr Alex Ovie Iduh and Benson Onovughe were to chop for those loyal to them to form the list of delegates used in the mischievous Orogun PDP primary election conducted last week.
The source also alleged that, conscious efforts were made by master minders of the failed Orogun PDP primary election to shelve Deacon Innocent Iyede in their invitation for the primary election.
The source who spoke to our correspondence on condition of anonymity, alleged that Chief Osawota and Chief P.O.C Ovbije’s aim of conducting the bereaved election was to bring in Deacon Innocent Iyede into the election venue unprepared to be voted out with their carefully selected and bought over delegates to present a false image that, he was rejected by people of the community in other to puncture his further move regard the 2019 house of assembly election.
Luck ran against them as the targeted aspirants, Deacon Innocent Iyede showed up uninvited in the election venue which caused serious panic as they watched in utter bewilderment.
Every attempted to talk Deacon Innocent Iyede into partaking in the ill – starred election were resisted.
Upon Deacon Iyede’s refusal and insistence for a fresh date since he wasn’t given invitation of any kind, led to his disqualification by Chief Osawota in unison with his cohorts who shared the highly criticized primary election.
The reaction of Com. Sylvester Ovbije in solidarity for fair treatment to Deacon Iyede on the ground of his omission by Chief Osawota regards invitation for the said election, also earned him disqualification with Benson Onovughe who played dirty to also bag a preset disqualification and ended up endorsing their predetermined pun, Comr Alex Ovie Iduh as Orogun candidate.
Pandemonium however erupted when women, elders and youths of the community rose in anger booing, wooing and raining curses on Chief Barr. A.K Osawota, Chief P.O.C Ovbije, Mr Magistrate Enakpodia, Hon. Friday Akpoyibo for their selfish and show of attaint in modern politics and reportedly drove out of the town in shame.
The exercise which attracted very ugly reaction from people of the community was highly condemned for lack of transparency, credibility and fairness.
They called on the state party executive and the governor to call Chief Barr. A.K Osawota, Chief P.O.C Ovbije and their accomplices to immediate order before they further tear the party apart in Orogun at this critical hours.

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