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Published On: Fri, May 4th, 2018

Omafuaire: My Mission Is Above Empowering Youths With ‘Keke Napep’ Or ‘Okada’


By Ibebe Rufus Akpobome, Ughelli-
LAGOS MAY 4TH (URHOBOTODAY)-A leading House of Representative Aspirant, Comrade Akpókóna Omafuaire has stated that he would not give motorcycle and tricycle popularly known as Okada and Keke respectively to people in the name of empowering them for a better future if elected.
According to him, there are better ways of empowering people than giving them Okada and Keke which he feels would fizzle away with time.
Speaking to Urhobotoday.com, Omafuaire explained that giving an Okada or Keke to a man is not empowerment because it is not something that would provide food for him and his family forever.
His words, “If you want to empower people, you give them something that can provide a source of livelihood for them and their family forever. You don’t give people something that would take much from them and call it empowerment. If you must empower people, then you must give them something that can provide for them for the period of their life time. I can’t give an Okada or Keke to a man and call it an empowerment. I rather help him acquire a skill or go to school.
“With a skill or education, you can help yourself and train others, but with Keke and Okada, you are prone to accident, regular visits to mechanic workshops where you would spend more and above all, you cannot pass the knowledge to others.
“To him and unknown to many people, it is less expensive to help a man acquire a skill and thereafter set him up than give him a Keke or an Okada. Help a man acquire a skill or go to school today and tomorrow he can acquire a car for private use. That to me is empowerment and not a giving him a mere Okada or Keke, ”Omafuaire who is an experienced journalist in one of main Nigerian main stream newspaper stated, just as he disclosed that he had a well detailed plan on how he would provide an effective empowerment for his people.
This detailed plan according to him, contains plans on how he would effectively touch every aspect of the lives of his constituents if elected, adding that the full detailed plan (manifesto) which is already circulating in the social media would be unveiled soonest.

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  1. Atuyota says:

    Those that are being empowered with Keke and Okada are already educated and have skills that they could not utilize due to lack of job. Giving a Tokunbo car to someone for a cabbing is not different from what your opponents are doing now. My dear comrade, what we need is INDUSTRIES! INDUSTRIES!! and more INDUSTRIES to employ the educated and skilled YOUTHS not building more Universities, Palm trees plantations, Fish ponds nor giving Tokunbo cars to your constituent. You need to tell your constituents the root cause of their problem and your action plan to convince the government to solve it.

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