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Published On: Wed, Mar 14th, 2018

How Olorogun Moses Taiga Finally Resolves UPU-UK Leadership Crisis (PHOTOS)

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Olorogun Moses Taiga in group pictures with Urhobo leaders after the peace meeting

LAGOS MARCH 14TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Some are born as leaders, some achieve leadership, while leadership is bestowed on others. As for President-General of Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Worldwide, Olorogun Moses Taiga, he is a born leader.
This is shown in the way and manner he resolved UPU-UK Chapter leadership crisis and extension of olive branch to former UPU President-General, Chief Joe Omene.

Olorogun Moses Taiga exchanges pleasantry with Chief Emmanuel Ganiga while Chief Johnson Barovbe watches with smiles

His activities since he assumed the leadership of UPU Worldwide had revealed that he possessed the leadership quality that Urhobo people needed to move them forward in the present dispensation. He had so far been able to put in place round peg in a round hole in his effort to return Urhobo to the days of Chief Mukoro Mowoe and Chief Okumagba when Urhobos speak with one voice both at home and Diaspora.

Praying before the peace meeting

His efforts so far had revealed that he is the leader Urhobo needed to bring the desired unity and progress to move the people of Urhobo nation to the land fill with milk and honey. His actions have been able to prove that the days of Urhobo disunity is almost over.

L-R: Chief Austin Mukoro, Barr. Ese Gawn, Olorogun Moses Taiga,Chief Emmanuel Ganiga, Chief Johnson Barovbe and Chief Ted Ochuko Arayki

Besides Taiga’s current achievements, his recent effort to resolve the leadership crisis that had plagued the Urhobo Progress Union- United Kingdom (UPU-UK) chapter is evident that Urhobo has finally got the leader they have been searching for. His action in settling the rift between the current President of UPU-UK Chapter, Chief Emmanuel Okpako Ganiga and his arch rival, the President of Urhobo Union in United Kingdom (UUU), Chief Masoro is a revelation that Taiga is a born leader.

Olorogun Moes Taiga and Chief Emmanuel Okpako Ganiga

It is a known fact that Urhobo’s sons and daughters are aware that UPU-UK Chapter had been enmeshed in leadership crisis. This had however been settled by Olorogun Moses Taiga by recorgnising Chief Ganiga’s UPU in United Kingdom. The question now is how was Taiga, known as the ‘Adjerese’ of Urhobo nation able to settle the issue and bring the two warring factions together?
It all started with the effort of Urhobo leader and Chairman Board of Trustees (BOT) of Urhobo Social Urhobo Club Lagos, Chief Johnson Barovbe who initiated the move of resolving the crisis by travelling to London severally to broker peace between the two United Kingdom leaders, President of UPU-UK, Chief Emmanuel Okpako Ganiga and President of Urhobo Union In United Kingdom (UUU), Chief Masoro.
Due to Barovbe’s intervention, Ganiga and members of his executives were invited to Nigeria where they met with Olorogun Moses Taiga who as the President-General of UPU Worldwide put modalities in place to resolve the crisis in UK.

Chef Emmanuel Ganiga addressing the house while Olorogun Moses Taiga watches on

Present in the meeting held in the country home of Olorogun Moses Taiga were UPU President-General Worldwide, Olorogun Moses Taiga, Chairman Board Of Trustees (BOT) of Urhobo Social Club Lagos, Chief Johnson Barovbe, President of UPU-UK Branch, Chef Okpako Emmanuel Ganiga, President Urhobo Social Club Lagos, Prince Enajemo Esiri, Chairman UPU-UK Board of Trustee, Austin Mukoro, Secretary UPU-UK Chapter and Chief Ted Ochuko Arayki.
Chief(Engr) Alex Neyin,Francis Ewherdo, Engr Festus Awana, Chief Peter Ogbodo, Chief Austin Ariemugbovbe, Chief Jacob Diejomahor, Barr. Ese Gawn, Chief Peter Ogbodo, Chief Okwosa, Chief (Mrs) Akpodiete and Chief Ejiro Arigi among others.
At the end of the meeting, Olorogun Moses Taiga enjoined the warring leaders to put the past behind them and move on for the sake of the development and progress of Urhobo nation.
Taiga resolved that the only recognized UPU branch in the United Kingdom is the one led by Chief Ganiga and his executive, adding that Masoro’s UUU as a social-cultural organization in the UK cannot play the role of UPU in United Kingdom.

He enjoined the Chief Ganiga executive to give the UPU national body a date at least three months before the expiration of their term, when the UPU national body will come to the UK to conduct an election to usher in the new executive which will be all inclusive.
For peace to regn and in the interest of Urhobo unity, he, however, stated that Ganiga and Masoro will not contest in the proposed election, just as he appealed to both warring leaders put the past behind them and move on.
In order to find a total solution to disunity in Urhobo nation, Taiga went further to appoint Chief Barovbe , Chief Ganiga and Engr Neyin to form a committee that will reach out to former President-General of UPU Worldwide, Chief Joe Omene so as to find resolution and settle the matter in UPU headquarters amicably out of court.

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  1. Let me firstly commend the UPU Worldwide President General entire Executive and particularly Chairman BOT Urhobo Social Club, Chief Johnson Obarobve for his selfless service to the Urhobo nation and tremendous successful role with respect to positive settlement of UPU UK Crisis.

    Let me unequivocally affirm my satisfaction with the justified resolution of UPU hqtrs resolution in this regard which reflects strict adherence and protection of IzPU Constitution.

    The additional adoption which bars both from seeking any office at next general Election is a welcome development as such will undoubtedly enhance emergence of a unified Leadership with positive cohesion.

    Having said the above, I humbly appeal to all to put aside their greviances for the benefit of our Union and unity amongst us whilst making the Chief Emmanuel Ganiga’s Executive not to see this development as personal victory but rather upholding/ protection of our UPU Constitution, therefore must work relentlessly/ respectfully to achieve peace in our community without discriminatory acts.

    MFinally, I thank the President General Olorogun Moses Taiga with his Executive for the initiative of desire to resolve present crisis with our former President General

    Urhobo Ovuovo Chief Joe Omene Ko

    • appreciate your effort in this peaceful resolution by the President Olorogun Moses Taiga. and beside all, it is very Sad to Note that up till now we the Urhobos can not even project or deliver any of our Son/Daughter IN THE POLITICAL sector. since 1999 till 2019. we only allow the minors (itshekiri) to decide for the entire Deltans, WE need to be united and decide the affairs of our Land. Urhobo Ovuovo…

  2. Dear President General UPU Worldwide Olorogun Moses Tiaga JP and Executive Members

    Without Prejudice
    Whilst we welcome your reported positive Peace Meeting that indeed been reported in the local Media with photos, majority of us whom have stood firmly to protect the Union Constitution have been requesting for an official communique affirming what have been reported in the Media, but no document have been availed y which in our view is inconsistent with general practice,particularly when what has been reported in the media has become a matter of public interest.
    Without Prejudice and utmost respect for the Media, I am deeply concern that neither the UPU UK Executive or UPU Hqtres Secretariat has deem it necesarry to issue such an important Communique after six weeks particularly when members of the press has reported same .
    Majority of Members in Diaspora including my person do hereby request from your Executive a signed Communique ascertaining what has been reportede as per your Meeting of 8th March 2018 which interestingly the President of UPU UK and Executive have not been in a position to provide due to non availability of such Communique.

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