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Published On: Thu, Dec 14th, 2017

2019: Again, Ibori Declares Support For Okowa’s Second Term Bid

Okowa and Ibori

LAGOS DECEMBER 14TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Former Delta State governor, Chief James Onanefe Ibori, on Wednesday called on the people of the state, to continue to support Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s administration.
He made it clear that he and other political leaders were backing him to continue beyond 2019.
Ibori made the remarks during the maiden products exhibition and business fair of the state’s Skills Training and Entrepreneurship Programme (STEP) and Youth Agricultural Entrepreneurs Programme (YAGEP) held at the Cenotaph in Asaba, the Delta State capital.
The event also had the Governor of Sokoto State, Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal, in attendance.
Speaking directly to Okowa, Ibori said: “I am pleased that you have invited me and my duty is to pray for you. The day Deltans voted for you, they did so with the confidence that you will deliver, and you are delivering.
“I am a Deltan and I do have a voice on matters that border on the peace and progress of Delta State.
“I may be watching from the sidelines, but I want to say again that you (Okowa) are doing well. At the end of your eight-year tenure, Delta State will be better for it. Your Excellency, we are solidly behind you.”
Ibori also commended the Okowa administration for empowering youths in the state.
“I thank you for remembering the youths because they will take over when you and I are gone,” he said.

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  1. The of Urhobo yesterday I know:They were sold a dummy in the personality of James Ibori as an Urhobo man.He was presented as an Urhobo but not unknowingly to them, he was masking himself as Urhobo but was acyually an Itshekiri in blood and its irredentissm. Ask Chief B Okumagba and Chief P Bolokor if you can get them.
    After election Chief James Ibori unmasked it garb, and started fighting Urhobos. He used the Traditional rulers every now and then. He enlisted sea of political jobbers,paid writers, thugs,assassins, political sycophants, and hire assassins to do the thirty job.
    With the state treasury at his disposal, he was able to buy both the INEC and the hungry Judiciary since 2003 with PDP Abuja base at his bet and calling.
    After him, he enlisted Chief Anenih to help in-store E Uduagha.

    At every given opportunity Chief Ibori, PDP and Co. try to manipulate Urhobo population figure to reduce their numerical strengths. Who are the traditional rulers ruling when this act was taking place?

    1) PDP has been rigging ( outright rigging or purchasing election victory) election since 2003

    QUESTIONS:Can James Ibori
    1) Can PDP rig or purchase victory? the one for slated 2019?
    2) Are the Traditional Rulers having the influence to aid and abet in PDP victory?
    3) Whether there is quarrel or not in APC (quarreling and fighting is part and ingredients of building democracy anyway) can PDP rig the one for 2019?

    • emmanuel says:

      Let the unwise continue to queue behind him. They may need to ask the Ewherido, Young Igburde etc how good it is to dine with the devil and fight him?
      Those who would not learn may follow suit someday.
      When Moses Kragha made all the efforts to lead Delta in 1999, the greedy Chiefs took blood money from Ibori to have him win an they eventually paid with their bloods

  2. emmanuel says:

    It is a shame that some Urbobo people still queue behind Ibori as their own. The man tactically destroyed the part of Warri held by the Urhobos and that was the end of all the Oil companies in Effurun and the strength of most business people who built generation of wealth through Shell, Texaco etc. Only Chevron remained as he gave all the protection in that axis while the crises lasted.
    Then be began to take care of all the politicians with national and International reach in of Urhobo extraction in a span of five years, as they all died in questionable circumstances (Uduaghan completed the job while Ibori was away. He also floated a parallel UPU group while at the same time installed Felix Ibru as UPU President.
    Since Ibori till now, the Urbobo (fifth largest ethnic group in Nigeria) is no more reckoned with or considered for Federal positions and infrastructure.
    In the best Gbagi and Oru in the back seats.
    Who will rescue the land?
    Then he followed with another masquerade called too.
    Ibori has no vision other than fully destroy Urhobo land.
    Unfortunately for him, nature is catching up with him fast and all of his generation will pay for it.

  3. Jite Omue says:

    The only principal enemy of Urhobo nation is this character of a man called Chief O Ibori
    He deceived Urhobo and climbed into power and after which he would not want another Urhobo to rise again. Unfortunately the Urhobo traditional rulers are a big betrayers selling their subjects instead of protecting them
    Chief J O Ibori only came to make the Itshekiri lord it over the Urhobo in other to finish the age long rivalry.
    FACTS: He destroyed or weakened UPU, He disorganised Urhobo unity and cohesiveness through manipulation of leaders in Urhobo with money, implanting the spirit of discord and segregation among the people using about 90% of the sycophantic Urhobo traditional rulers who always kneeling down before him begging for money.

    To the gullible, greedy, praise singers, the traitors and these factors alike minds, be careful.


  4. Babs Ajayi says:

    James Ibori! I laugh every time I hear your name or read about you in the newspapers. Would you stop for once and be brutally honest with yourself and come clean about your dubious and criminal past – looting Delta State and stealing credit cards on the streets of London and stealing goods from Wickes? The next time you speak in our common airspace, please talk to us about your time in jail and the lessons you learnt, if any. I still wonder why the EFCC hasn’t yet charged you to court and bring you to book. I want to share a link with you from the Telegraph of London – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/9207852/Former-Wickes-cashier-James-Ibori-stole-50m-to-live-like-royalty-after-winning-election-in-Nigeria-court-told.html. Enjoy the story.

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