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Published On: Wed, Oct 11th, 2017

Moses Taiga Propagate Emblem Of Unity In Urhobo Land

Urhobo Progress Union President-General, Olorogun Moses Taiga

LAGOS OCTOBER 11TH (URHOBORODAY)-President General of UrhoboProgress Union, UPU (Worldwide) Olorogun Moses Taiga has appealed to every Urhobo person, at home and abroad, to act towards restoring the communal spirit and harmony that are essential precondition socio-economic development of Urhobo nation.
Speaking in an event organized by Urhobo Social Club Lagos recently, Taiga observed that Urhobo people have some serious challenges ahead of them that can only be tackle by being united, stressing that no single factor can retard the progress of a people as much as lack of unity, just as internal conflicts and discord clog the wheel of growth and development of any ethnic nationality.
The Adjerese of Urhobo land noted that the degree of Urhobo Ovu-ovo exhibited by every Urhobo person is the principal basis of peace, growth and development of their beloved Urhobo nation, adding that the past landmark victories in Urhobo history, which were achieved by the Nationalist activities of the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) in the face of stiff political and economic opposition, and their educational progress from the 1940s, became possible by the unity, determination and strong bond among Urhobos.
“In like manner, events have shown that Urhobo, that was officially accepted as having the largest population in the whole of the defunct Midwest Region, is weaker and almost irrelevant when individual components or interests work alone, and at cross purposes,” Taiga noted.
Assuring Urhobos that he is working relentlessly to bring Urhobos together and had equally made some success in that direction, Taiga stated, “Thankfully, one of the major purposes of the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Worldwide is to unify all Urhobo people, and I assure you that under my leadership, the UPU is working relentlessly to change the narrative positively, and we have made remarkable progress in this regard.
“I use this medium to reiterate the need for Urhobo Nation to speak with one voice, and under the UPU. While it is agreed that we are a nation that is immensely blessed with dynamic, resourceful and intellectually enlightened people, and so have different perspectives to issues, we must, however, guard against presenting contradictory views to the outside world.
“The cacophony of voices emanating from Urhobos on local, national and international issues, especially in the media, make complete mockery of us as an ethnic nationality, and greatly calls to question our strength, structure and harmony. It also creates entry for others to penetrate our ranks. We must always speak as one, indivisible body.
He optimistic that Urhobos can achieve speedy growth and development, if they exorcise the demon of disunity, divisiveness and selfishness fingered as threat to their progress as a people.
The UPU Leader assured that Urhobos can dominate Southern Nigeria, and of course, Nigeria, by invoking the true Urhobo Spirit of the 1930s to mid 90s where their voice was bold, fierce, respected and courted, stressing that the time to do so is now.
Hear him “Our numerical strength should not be our undoing. We need to understand each other. We must be able to embrace as strength, rather than weakness, our diversities, in terms of religious, social and political affiliations and differences.”
Taiga lamented that politics and political competition which ordinarily should be a tool to influence growth and development of Urhobo people have created schism, distrust, suspicion and bitter rivalry in their ranks.
“It is such that a politician from Party A will not attend nor contribute meaningfully at any Urhobo forum, at home and the Diaspora, where a Chieftain from Party B or Party C is billed to attend or participate actively. And when, by strictly mere coincidence, members of certain political party or group are seen to play major role in a pan-Urhobo activity, those from another political leaning view such activity with grave suspicion.
“These do not augur well for Urhobo. Political partisanship should remain within the corridors of the party, and outside the party we must be Urhobo patriots, selflessly seeking the good of all, irrespective of creed, ideology or political affiliation.
“ In 1964, former President-General of UPU, Chief T.E.A Salubi of blessed memory wrote: “The ideology to be pursued by Urhobo politicians should be URHOBO FIRST, POLITICAL PARTY SECOND, in all matters affecting Urhobo. The politician who puts his political party above Urhobo interest is doing disservice to his mother-land.” This is food for thought,” he stated.
Taiga called on Urhobo people in Lagos, including Urhobo Social Club to take up the challenge of working selflessly at supporting the UPU’s ongoing efforts at uniting Urhobo worldwide.

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