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Published On: Fri, Apr 14th, 2017

Onuesoke Expresses Concern Over Implications of Nigeria Sliding Into One Party System

Chief Sunny Onuesoke

Chief Sunny Onuesoke

LAGOS APRIL 14TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chieftain, Chief Sunny Onuesoke has expressed concern over the spate of defection from PDP to All Progressive Congress (APC) saying such action may lead to practice of one party system which may not augur well for the effective existence of Nigeria democracy.
Speaking to group of journalists in Lagos during the Bullion Lecture organized by Centre For Financial Journalism on Tuesday, Onuesoke who was Delta PDP Governorship aspirant in 2007 general election argued that for there to be effective practice of democracy saddle with check and balance, there must be a strong opposition to the ruling APC to put everyone on their toe.
He observed that if everyone defects to the ruling party because of its present advantageous position, it will give room to dictatorial tendercy and oppression of the masses as there will be no one to oppose its obnoxious activities.
Onuesoke argued that the ruling All Progressive Congress should also be worried that there may not be an opposition to put their activities in check, emphasising that it was dangerous for the APC to become a behemoth that PDP once was.
According to him, “The present political horizon featuring a single large party, strong and well organized, but always in turmoil, and a weak and divided opposition is not ideal for a country well endowed like Nigeria.”
He advised that Nigerians should be concerned about the current state of affairs in the PDP because of its larger implications on the polity as the future of Nigeria’s democracy is tied to the stability of the party as a viable opposition.
The PDP strongman emphasized that the party must not be allowed to disintegrate, just as he urged all stakeholders to consider the interest of Nigerians and sustenance of democracy.
He further advised that the rival factions of the PDP should set aside their differences as Nigerians would hold them responsible if the fallout from their party’s crisis disrupt or threatens Nigeria’s democracy in any way.
“PDP future has implications for democracy in Nigeria which is why we must not allow or treat its current crisis as an internal affair?”, he said.

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