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Published On: Mon, Nov 21st, 2016

UPU ELECTION: Why You Must Not Vote For Omene

Chief Joe Omene

Chief Joe Omene

By Dr Latimore Fred Oghenesivbe

Dear UPU delegates,
Remember that Urhobo Nation’s interest is uppermost, not the individual interests.
N100,000 plus two bags of rice from CHIEF JOE OMENE as Christmans gift to each delegate will not last more than one month and everything is gone while Urhobo Nation remains in bondage for another three years or more.
Reject XMAS GIFTS from Joe Omene and any candidate. Vote for the progress, dignity, unity and peace of Urhobo Nation.
Don’t vote for those who were poor, managing to fuel two junk cars before becoming PG of UPU but now parades fleets of JEEPS and Limousines in their private car parks. Please check Joe Omene’s fleet of cars before he became UPU PG and the Limousines he parades today. The man is corrupt and not fit to lead UPU again.
Don’t vote for a man with a curse on his head for rubbishing our royal fathers, dragging our kings to law courts like common criminals. Don’t vote for Joe Omene who says our kings are his errand boys. Our kings are noble royal fathers. We love them and we are their subjects. Joe Omene is a god to himself. Don’t vote for him, he has been rejected by Urhobo Council of Royal Fathers.
Don’t for a man who cornered UPU millions of Naira into his personal accounts as per Abuja connections of former President Goodluck Jonathan. He promised to deliver Delta Central votes to PDP and the proceeds of that deal entered voice mail. The rest is now history. Joe Omene suddenly became a multi million parading himself as one of the richest Urhobo men of our time. Don’t vote for a 419, vote wisely.
Vote a man with enviable industry track records. A man well known globally for his achievements and global contacts. Vote OLOROGUN MOSES TAIGA.
Vote for the retired Managing Director of Philip Oil, vote for the Group Chairman of EXECON HOLDING and Niger Benue Transport Comapny Ltd. Vote OLOROGUN MOSES TAIGA.
Vote for this Olomu born world class Chartered Accountant, a high ranking society shaker and mover. Vote for a man who will not use UPU money to buy JEEPS and freak young SS-1school girls. Vote OLOROGUN MOSES TAIGA.
Vote for a consolidated billionaire in cash and assets who will mobilize financial gurus to develop Urhobo Nation. Vote OLOROGUN MOSES TAIGA.
Vote OLOROGUN MOSES TAIGA as UPU PG. Vote wisely. Vote for Urhobo Interest. Don’t vote for a Political contractor.
Once again, vote OLOROGUN MOSES TAIGA as UPU PG.
Urhobo Mena …OVIOVO.
Dr Latimore Fred Oghenesivbe is a Lagos based legal luminary, Public Analyst and media xonsult

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  1. Ogenevwede says:

    The Urhobo nation is right now in d wilderness searching for a Leader like Olorogun Felix Ovodeeraye Ibru of blessed memory. Aman who saw Urhobo as one n treated all Urhobos equally. None of those been talked about today have his character. They are all pretenders if not what have they done for their immediate community or clan?


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