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Published On: Thu, Sep 24th, 2015

Prostitutes Beat Up Delta Politician for ‘Doing Without Settlement’

The Delta politician struggling to free himself from the grip of one of the prostitutes

The Delta politician struggling to free himself from the grip of one of the prostitutes

A top politician in Delta State was reportedly put to shame by four prostitutes after he allegedly underpaid them after they had rendered their services to him and a business partner who came to town from Abuja.
He was said to have approached the girls at a popular hotel in the town and struck a deal with them to spend two nights with him and a friend who visited from Abuja and they agreed on a certain amount of money.

But after the girls fulfilled their part of the bargain, the politician decided to play a fast one on them by giving them half of the money they had earlier agreed on, promising to pay them the balance at a later date.
“It was not a funny sight o. It happened at a popular hotel located along Nnebisi Road that they beat the hell out of oga SA.
He wanted to play smart, not knowing the girls were smarter than he was.
That night, after his friend had flown back to Abuja, he gave the girls half of the money they had bargained for and told them he wanted to go to the bank and get the balance but he never came back.
After sometime, the angry girls caught him at the hotel and they asked him for their balance but he pretended as if he did not know them and even ordered them to get out of his sight.
Trust such girls, they went into a frenzy, and insulted the hell out of him at the top of their voices.
The held on to him as he tried to sneak out of the hotel, tearing his shirt in the process while they gave him slaps and kicks.
He was saved by the hotel bouncers who held the girls and he managed to escape.”

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  1. Ben Upaka says:

    Really sad.It is clear that some people will not even exhibit decency in public places.Is this how to be of service to the people?

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