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Published On: Sat, Jul 11th, 2015

Students Groan as Rots in Warri College of Education Continue Unabated Under Ebisine

S.S Ebisine, Acting Provost of College of Education,Warri

S.S Ebisine, Acting Provost of College of Education,Warri

LAGOS JULY 11TH (URHOBOTODAY)-The pains which students of College of Education Warri are going through since Mr. S.S. Ebisine resumed office as Acting Provost of the school six years ago have no bound as activities in the school have fallen beyond expected standard with students paying through their nose to survive the horrific learning situation.
A student who simply identified himself as Moses who claimed to be speaking on behalf of other disgruntled students alleged that since Ebisine resumed office as Acting Provost, the glory of the school had faded, alleging that he threatened students who protest his high handedness and corruption attitude with rustication or seizure of their result.

“There was a time the school Student Union President in 2013/14 session by name Progress was beaten by cult boys because he challenged the Provost for increasing school fees obnoxiously without consulting the student union body,” Moses alleged.
While speaking with URHOBOTODAY, Moses who want his identify to be kept secret to avoid intimidation from the school authority revealed how illegal payment were allegedly forced on students by the school authority under the supervision of S.S. Ebisine.
According to him,

“1. Payment for final year Project: Whether you like or not final year students must pay the sum of N6, 000.00 before they are giving project supervisor.

“2. Payment for Teaching Practice: Before you go for teaching practice, you must pay the sum of N3, 500, 00 before you will be assign to supervisor.

“3. Payment for carry-over. When a student has carryover, he or she have to pay the sum of N5.000. 00 before such student will allow writing the carryover.

“4. Payment for extension years. Let me explain this one for you to understand. Like a students graduated 2014 and had to carry some courses over and you come back to write it in 2015 you have to pay all the accumulated dues and fees from 2014 to 2015, I know a girl who recently made a payment from 20014 to 2015. It cost her more than a hundred thousand naira (N100,000.00 ). All this have to stop.

“5. Payment for checking results: Under Ebisine, the school designed a website where they asked all students to check their results. But as soon as they discovered that students were no longer coming to the exams and records office to pay money to them for checking result, they shut down the website asking the student to come to exams and records office to pay the sum of N1, 200.00 without receipt for checking results.
“6. Payment for PUME cards: They sell this card to students but the website cannot be access. When you make your complain they will tell you they are working on it. They ask you to summit your admission form manually after collecting your money.

Mr Inyama Chuks, the ICT Director initiated the website http://www.coewarrionline,netpayment for biometric. They use it to collect illegal money from the students. They ask the students to pay the sum of N3.000.00 that want to collect their data. After much groan and grumble students were left without any option than to pay. I tell you they realize over N15m from the students. ICPC and EFCC have to do something speedily to stop this ugly situation in the College of Education, Warri

“7. There are other illegal money which lecturers still collect in their offices: In case students did not do well in examinations they ask students to pay huge amount of money to enable them to pass the course. If it is a female students they ask her for sex.

“8. The Ag Provost, Mr. Ebisine even encourage the dirty game because why I am saying this is that there was a time students held a meeting with him. He publicly said lecturers can collect money from students if they did not do well, He spoke especially about controversial illegally recruited ninety lecturers whom government of Delta State refused to pay their salaries. Let me explain this. It was 2012, when Mr. S.S. Ebisine massively illegally employed ninety lecturers without the approval of the state government. Dr Uduagha heard about the dirty illegal recruitments exercise and refused to pay their salaries. Despite the Governor’s refusal to recognize the lecturers, Ebisine still allow them to continue lecturing in the college while suggesting that the only way for them to survive is by collecting illegal dues from students.

“9. Interview: Mr. S.S EBISINE had been acting from 2009 till date. Under pressure, the college made a publication for recruitment of Provost in the college. About 12 persons, including Doctors and Professor were interviewed but magic happened, Mr. S.S EBISINE was the least to been attended to. The committee gave Ebisine the highest score and selected two others who did not do well and do not have influence in politics of Delta State. Even one of the those they selected was not from Delta state. Their reasons was when the Governor saw the names, he would quickly pick Mr. S.S Ebisine as the Provost of College of Education, Warri. Unfortunately to Ebisi ne Uduaghan was unable approved his appoint as provost of the school before he left office for Dr Ifeanyi Okowa.

“10. What the college hold against him is that, He is not competent to the hold the position of the provost even though he hurriedly got his Doctorate Degree. What the college needs, a transparent person, free of intimidating students, imposing fees and a person who can run the affairs of the college without compromise.”
When contact on the aforementioned allegations, S.S. Ebisine denied all the indictments. He said what is happening has to do with tussle for the position of Provost of College of Education.
He complained there are so many petitions about the school and on his person, adding that the one sent to URHOBOTODAY is just one of them.
Ebisine said the petitions and complains are done by his distracters to give him a bad name.

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  1. mary says:

    this information is true. Visit the campus and gather information from student. Or I can send you the scan copy of the receipt

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