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Published On: Sat, May 16th, 2015

Muslims Frown against Buhari Shaking Hands with Women, Says It’s Unislamic

Muslims frown at Buhari shaking hands with the new wife of Edo Governor Oshiomhole, Miss Lara Fortes, a young model from Cape Verde

Muslims frown at Buhari shaking hands with the new wife of Edo Governor Oshiomhole, Miss Lara Fortes, a young model from Cape Verde

LAGOS MAY 16TH (URHOBOTODAY)-A Muslim, Abdul Rasak Umoru has revealed that some Muslims in the North have sincerely frowned against Buhari’s posture of shaking hands with women stressing that the act is unislamic.
“I am also giving my support to that call because the Prophet pbuh forbade it and advised us to call our brothers and sisters in faith to order if we see them go wrong,” he maintained.
Continuing Umoru stressed, “He is a human being and he is bound to make mistakes. Hadith clearly stated that shaking hand with a woman who is not your Mahram is a grievous offense in the face of almighty ALLAH. I see more handshakes are comings.God forgive the General .

“We agree he is not a Muslim president but a Nigerian president, but the fact remains he is first a Muslim so he should be guided before he incurs the wrath of Allah…At this point he needs Allah’s Mercy to perform not His wrath.
“Some Non Muslims are supporting him on this on the basis he is guided by the Nigerian constitution but let him do things like approving of abortion or homosexuality, of which Islam abhors it they would say and he says he is a Muslim.
“As Muslims we should always strive to please Allah and not mere mortals. As Allah had aforetime said no matter how you try to please this people you will NEVER please them.
“I have done that quite a number of times by politely declining a female handshake and heaven did not fall so what is Buhari scared of? I could recall my boss wife after a prayer session in my office once challenged me to shake a female colleague I politely refused and my boss and some colleagues told her ahh madam he is an Alfa o.
“She said what sect are you Rasak I said I do not belong to any sect but in’sha Allah I am a Muslim who is striving to uphold the sunnah of the Prophet peace be upon him.
“If Buhari feels trading his islamic identity to please some overzealous bigot is the best for tell him I say General taku llah, he should fear Allah and the DAY this actions of him will speak against him.
That we love GMB does not mean we should support him blindly, that won’t happen in’sha Allah amin.May Allah keep the General and us firm and steadfast as obedient Muslims amen,”Abdul Rasak Umoru said

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  1. Wadoo Wadoo says:

    Andy Andrew Is it interesting. I know as a fact that when Hilary Clinton and Codolessa Rice visited Saudi Arabia, they shook hands with the King! So what exactly are you saying? He was voted in first as president of Nigeria not as the number one Muslim citizen. We all know that GMB is a very strict Muslim not the fake ones who claim they will not shake women or drink alcohol in public but will secretly Travel to Lagos and Abuja and patronise prostitute. So leave GMB to perform the duties of state, after all, the problems of Nigeria and the North in particular is more than shaking a woman’s hand. It is a misplacement of priority to focus on this irrelevant point. If the German Chancellor Angela Merkel comes to Nigeria today are you saying GMB should be looking at her like an armless beggar? Get your priority in order please. It takes wisdom to rule this Nation in this modern age.

  2. Your Name... says:

    I dont know why these Knuckleheads always decide to interprete things the way it suits them. Alhaji Umoru or Umaru said that GMB is first a moslem and then a Nigeria. This a complete fallacy which Alhaji Umoru is spreading around.
    GMB is first a Nigeria and then a moslem. His oath of office and allegiance is applicable to Nigeria or to islam? People like you are one of the reasons for the agitation of the republic of Biafra, who do say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing even though they know it is wrong.

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