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Published On: Fri, Apr 17th, 2015

Ogboru Rejects Delta Guber Result, Heads for Tribunal

Chief Great Ogboru of Labour Party

Chief Great Ogboru of Labour Party

LAGOS APRIL 17TH (URHOBOTODAY)-The Labour Party governorship candidate in Delta State, Chief Great Ogboru, has rejected the result of the gubernatorial election in the state, which declared PDP’s Dr. Okowa winner.
Ogboru in a press conference at his home in Abraka, said “The rigging is too senseless to ignore.”
He said he and his party would ensure the upturn of the both the guber and House of Assembly results as declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission at the election tribunal.

Ogboru said, “Okowa did not score majority of lawful votes cast in the election and did not also meet the relevant constitutional provisions. “It is our firm belief that the return of Okowa as governor-elect does not reflect the democratic will of the majority of our electorate. His said return in based on electoral irregularities and malpractices that cannot be ignored by any unbiased umpire.”
Chief Ogboru insisted that in most of the areas votes were recored for Dr Okowa, INEC officials did not use the card readers, which according to him was against INEC’s stand that where card readers could not be used, voting should be suspended.
“We in the Labour Party went into the election trusting that INEC would deploy and use the card readers as enshrined in its 2015 guidelines for election officials. Regrettably, some officials of INEC violated the guideline and its further reassurance to our disadvantage.”
The LP candidate also noted that card readers were only used at Delta-Central senatorial district, where they were used for accreditation and collation of votes. He said, “This implies that every vote we received is genuine, lawful, valid and legitimate. “In a curious summersault, card readers were overwhelmingly not used in Delta North and South.
“The election was conducted arbitrarily as dictated by PDP chieftains, who took over the duties of INEC personnel in those two senatorial districts and parts of central. “By that singular action, some INEC officials once again allowed ‘toxic votes’ to be used to defeat the people’s will. These votes are unlawful and invalid.”

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  1. Wadoo Wadoo says:

    Hmmnn, Uncle G, you don start again o! Court no deh tire you sef? How many times you wan go court again? The one wen you carry Uduaghan go, na wetin you get commot for inside? Abeg u jus leave Okowa as e deh, so that at least we know say Urhobo people own done finish for the next four years, just as you and UPU plan am. Prepare for 2019, may be INEC fit fin one weak State give you return certificate as their goferno because u deh hold record now as the most unsuccessful governorship aspirant in Nigeria, if not West Africa sef. Uncle Great, leave deh matter, dem deh grow pass something. Just loyal for Okowa as e be say u and Emerhor and UPU no see the wisdom in putting Urhobo first. Your party meanwhile no deh well connected nationally, so na how you wan take protect the mandate wen u say Delta give you. Even Buhari sef, you no connect reach am like Emerhor, wen u deh call small boy for politics. If u like make you take lawyer from Okowa village like you do the last time with Uduaghan.

  2. Wadoo Wadoo, stop being bearish. Advise yourself and not Chief Ogboru. Chief Ogboru must go to the election tribunal to seek justice that’s what real men are known for, real men never chill in battle. That is who Great ogboru is. Remember he grew up Ughelli, he drank the waters of Ughelli, to crown it all we the Ughellis’ cannot be intimidated either by our past failures. Hardly, can you find any Ughelli born who are sell out in Urhobo nation. Aside that, the Bible says “All things work out well for those who love God and are called according to his purpose” There is a reason God allowed Gen. Buhari to win the presidential election. If Jonathan was re-elected and the Delta PDP rigging machinery shenanigans without the card readers in play in Delta North and Delta South that would have be shellac for LP and APC. No election tribunal, appeal court and even the supreme court will dare upturn the INEC result with Jonathan. APC political gladiators and wizards are seeing beyond 2019 and they knew to repeat the same winning feat in 2019 Delta State which PDP had always bank on to bankroll their campaign must be out of reach of PDP. For PDP to recoup the presidency they need to bankroll their shenanigans and Delta will their bride. That’s reason the incoming Gen. Buhari office of the presidency and APC will be having keen interest in Delta Election tribunal proceedings. Ogboru must visit the election .

  3. Wadoo Wadoo says:

    Danny, you talk well. I enjoyed reading your post. I am, naturally, very upset that Chief Ogboru and Emerhor could not come together to provide a United front. As politicians, they should have done better for our collective interest as Urhobos, and more so as chief is a more long standing and experienced person, he should have stooped to conquer and probably could have got a ministerial position. Do you seriously think APC will undo PDP for Labour to benefit? I do not think so. Even the way Chief derided O’Tega in the media because of the allegation that chief had stepped down for O’Tega. I honestly felt chief was bigger than that and he could have handled it better. You and I have to admit that the person best connected to the in-coming government is O’Tega and it’s best that we put our best feet forward by supporting O’Tega. We must not be seen as an opponent of the in-coming government, that would be extremely foolish. Chief Ogboru and UPU’s work is cut out for them. We must have a United Urhobo when the “election/selection” of Okowa is nullified. On the water in Ughelli, let us hope it is not polluted water, because if I was Chief Ogboru, I will do a Tinubu, by supporting O’Tega and become a bigger God father of the State and join APC. Na so I see am O!

  4. Wadoo my friend, I also enjoyed your post. Urhobos are natural born civil activist. What I am saying is an average urhobo man stands for justice, equity and fairness,these attributes runs in the blood vein of any Urhobos. The Urhobos I grew to know were not flip-floppers. When we talk of flip-flopping ethnic groups , we know them. Years ago, I ran into an army officer in Minna, Niger State. When he got to know that I am an Urhobo, he told me he fought the civil war and Urhobo college,Effurun was their cantonment then. He also apprised me that throughout his career he had never met with people that are as braved as the Urhobos, that Urhobo man would prefer to die for their rights, Justice, equity, fairness etc. That is who we are. Let Chief Ogboru go to the tribunal even if he is denied there, he has done the right things. Aficionados of true democracy over the world would be proud of him and it be on annals of history that a great inhumanity has being done to him.

  5. Wadoo Wadoo says:

    Dan, many thanks for your comments. You have good insight into matters. For me, I really want it to go very well for Urhobo people in the State. I saw too much suffering for our people when I was in Nigeria, so our politicians should do everything to position us as a people in the most favorable station in life in Nigeria. You know that Nigeria is winner takes all and there is barely any social justice. If I were to choose , I would say Ogboru for Minister of Niger-Delta and Emerhor for governor. Urhobo’s best interest should be first. So we all can have a better future in that land God has given to us.

  6. Ogboru.you are a man of peace.we urhobo need you.and we have been waiting for you.yes i have hand in that fight for peace.because if you dont fight for peace peace we not fight for you.great ovedje ogboru fight as we surport you in prayer.ihwo re urhobo wadoo.wa ne erewo ke ogboru ooo

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