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Published On: Fri, Jul 25th, 2014

2015: Ominimini, Ibodje Fuse Urhobo Community, Agbarha-Otor People for Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan

LAGOS JULY 25TH (URHOBOTODAY)- As 2015 general election draws nearer, two Urhobo Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) stalwarts DESOPADEC Commissioner representing Ughelli North and Ethiope-East LGA Rt Hon(Chief) Ominimini Obiuwevbi and Professor Sam Ibodje has started mobilizing people of Agbarho-Otor community, Ughelli North, Delta State for the successful election of President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015.
Also in an attempt to win the local government seats for PDP in Delta State forth coming local government election, the people of Agbarha-Otor Kingdom has elected Prof. Sam Ibodje and
Rt Hon (Chief) Chris Ominimini Obiuwevbi as PDP Political National leader and Deputy National leader of Agbarha-Otor Kingdom respectively. In order words, both of them are now the political leaders of Agbarha-Otor wards I and II
Speaking at the who is who of PDP general meeting meant for only Agbarha-Otor sons and daughters, Evang. (Chief) William Ukpebitere, who is presently the PDP political leader of Agbarha-Otor ward II, said he convened this political August meeting of Agbarha-Otor sons and daughters to motivate a gathering of who is who in PDP Agbarha-Otor politics just to strengthen the social political unity of Agbarha-Otor people generally.
He explained further that apart from strengthening the political and social unity of PDP, the only political party in Agbarha-Otor Kingdom that the people may also know who is their present national political leaders towards making Ughelli North Local Government election 2014 and 2015 general election a huge success in favour of Agbarha-Otor political progress in order to usher-in development and good leadership in the kingdom.
Speaking also at the who is who political meeting of Agbarha-Otor sons and daughters, the President General of Agbarha-Otor Improvement Union, Chief David Ohwoekevwo (JP) said he was overwhelmed for seeing his people back to their feet politically united which he descried as a welcome development and great sign of unity and progress to Agbarha-Otor Kingdom, infact, a great sigh of relief to his own duties as the President General of Agbarha-Otor.
He expressed his appreciations to Chief Ominimini, for embarking on unity move and executing so many projects in Agbarha Kingdom and putting some old women and men including some jobless youth as well as empowering our youth, women and helpless men with cash to trade or out rightly providing equipments to enable them be self employed to themselves.
The President General of Agbarha Improvement Union, Chief David Ohwoekevwo (JP) further thanked, Evang. (Chief) William Ukpebitere and Chief Ominimini, for multing the idea of uniting the people of Agbarha Kingdom together politically which he described as a great honour done to him as the leader and head of the umbrella body of Agbarha Kingdom, (Agbarha Improvement Union) promising to always identify with the present political leadership of Agbarha people and urged those who were not present at the political unity and progress meeting of Agbarha people to identify with the present political leadership as agreed by the people of Agbarha, now, under the leadership of Prof. Ibodje, as the national political leader and with him as his national deputy is Chief Ominimini.
Prof. Sam Ibodje, while thanking the people for giving him the opportunity to lead politically also appealed for total co-operation towards making the unity of Agbarha as one united entity a huge
According to Prof. Ibodje, hence forth, political factions should be put to an end and let everyone, big or small, no matter the position of the person in the society always work together with one voice in order to deliver Agbarha-Otor votes emblock to the agreed candidates as only those who are loyal and honest, who are also tested and trusted persons in Agbarha would be given the opportunity to represent the people of Agbarha-Otor.
He thanked those government office holders that were present at the occasion and they includes, Chief Ominimini, Chief Idogun, Engr. Christabel Oke Obuvwevbi and many others for sacrificing their time to the benefit of Agbarha people and her future.
Chief Ominimini in his own statement, attributed unity of Agbarha Kingdom politically to the Lords doing and again to the humbleness, honesty, hard work and respect for one another as well as transparency of the present political leaders and good representation of office holders of sons and daughters of Agbarha Kingdom and strongly call for a true unity of purpose to enable for the movement of Agbarha Kingdom to the next level.
Chief Ominimini further explained that, to attract more dividends of democracy to Agbarha-Otor kingdom, Agbarha people have to unit and always speak with one voice politically and by so doing, Agbarha people will be able to deliver President Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan in his second term aspiration along side others who will work for the interest of the Agbarha people.
He strongly called for massive registration of PDP members in Agbarha-Otor in the next voters’ registration or re-validation exercise soon to commence, recalling that last election, Agbarha
delivered about 14,000 votes but this time around, Agbarha-in-unity of purpose shall deliver more than a million vote following her present political awareness and increase in population as hundreds of
thousands youths has attend the age of adulthood between the last registration exercise and now.
While reminding them that the number of persons registered in each polling boot would give room for the victory of the party.
Others who spoke to newsmen in the same vein includes; Chief Kalim Ofomukoro, who is the political leader of Agbarha Ward 1, Chief (Engr) Solomon Esedafe, Chief Idogun, Chief Engr. Christabel Oke Obuivwevbi, Chief Sam December Umudjere amongst many other prominent politicians too numerous to mention.
There were particularly happy that Agbarha politics of unity and progress has come to stay, noting that this time around, the people of Agbarha will properly utilize this unity of purpose put in place by the present political leaders in the persons of Prof. Sam Ibodje and Chief (Hon) Ominimini, Chief Kalin Ofomukoro, Evang (Chief) Ukpebitere, Chief David Ohwoekevwo (JP), President General of Agbarha-Otor Improvement Union in whose time, Agbarha peace and unity of purpose is recorded they all spoke in one voice and warned that any attempt to destabilize the present peace and unity in Agbarha would be highly resisted.
Some of the high lights of the Agbarha-Otor unity of purpose meeting was the consensus reached by the people of Agbarha who spoke with one voice and adopted two hard working young men, Mr. Emaye Daniel and Engr. Emoefe Peace, as the next councillorship elect for the Agbarha wards 1 and 2 respectively to represent the people at the legislative arm of Ughelli North Local Government Area come the Delta State Local Government election and the adoption of six persons including two women as the delegates from Agbarha for the election of candidates in the 2015 general elections primaries.

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