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Published On: Sat, Apr 6th, 2013

2015: Dokubo, NDPSF Take Campaign for Jonathan Presidency to Ghana

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By Oghenekevwe Laba
Niger Delta People Salvation Front (NDPSF) under the leadership of Niger Delta Ex-Warlord Alhaji Mujahid Abubakr Dokubo Asari has taking the campaign for President Goodluck 2015 Presidency to Nigerians in Ghana and by extension to Nigerians in Pan-African countries.
NDPSF Spokesman Comrade Rex Ekiugbo informed Urhobotoday that Dokubo made the appeal for the support of Jonathan presidency in 2015 during a Four Day Pan African Easter holiday excursion in Accra, Ghana, adding that Dokubo lead a 10 Man delegates to attend the event whose theme is anti-supremacism, anti -expansionism, anti- neo colonialism and anti imperialism.
He averred that Jonathan Goodluck presidency symbolizes the quest of the common man to freeing themselves and their unborn generation from the slavery of forced political dominance of supremacist and born to rule predators.
While welcoming the merger thoughts of the major political parties in Nigeria, Dokubo warned that any attempt to use ithe merger as a tool of sustaining supremacy and born to rule agenda it would be rejected by the common man whose interest is not always protected by these political thoughts.

In a similar vein, while speaking to an African audience in Accra, at an elaborate welcome ceremony organized by Messrs Respect Aruviere and Ese Apiloko, two prominent members of the Niger Delta Community in Ghana, Spokesman of NDPSF Comrade Rex Anighoro called on Africans to reignite their consciousness and re-energize their passion in their Stand for Pan Africanism.
He lamented that African seems to have accepted slavery as a way of life and seems to be losing the willingness and stem to engage the forces of imperialism and Neo- colonialism who through their criminal foisting of supremacist and expansionist surrogates, protégés and task masters have kept and ensured that Africa is sorely divided, stunted and subjugated, en messed in high scale poverty, corruption,, crimes, violence and war.
He maintained that Africa is still suffering from the effects of the scrabble and partitioning of Africa in Berlin Conference of 1885, adding that Berlin Conference was a cancerous bone marrow injection that can only be cured by all Africans embracing the panacea of Pan Africanism. He called on Africans to take Proactive steps in freeing themselves from the shackles of imperialism as Africans can no longer trade the blame game but accept responsibility for her future.
Continuing, the Urhobo born bearded comrade, stated that in Nigeria the syndrome of supremacism, expansionism, forced dominance and born to rule which are instruments of Neo colonialism and imperialist control have remained unimaginably potent and has been used as a tool of political intimidation and negotiations with high scale violence by social Economic Parasites.
Comrade Rex queried the Political lexicon that describes some as majority and others as minority. He argued that if the equality and social justice for all must become a reality, then supremacist and born to rule neo colonialist advancing the pursuit of imperialism in Nigeria and by extension Africa must surrender at the feet of Pan Africanism.
The Four day Pan African excursion saw the 10 Man Niger Delta People Salvation Front (NDPSF) delegates, establishing the Niger Delta People Salvation Front (NDPSF) Ghana Chapter and also reaching a collaborative consensus to host the Major Isaac Adaka Boro’s day celebration in Accra Ghana,this May.
The disciples of the legendary Niger-Delta Revolutionary Hero,Alhaji Mujahid Abubakr Dokubo Asari also met various groups and individuals engaging in a road walk and a visit to the Kwame Nkurumah center with delegates converging at the Pan African legend graveside for moments of silence and revolutionary Pan African rebirth.

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